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  • Parts and Accessories

    Add to cart. Rain Barrel Soaker Hose 30ft. The Rain Barrel Soaker Hose is an excellent way to water your garden, shrubs, vines and trees. Th.. $19.95. Add to cart. High Flow Spigot. Add to any tank to access water. Features: 10 GPM w/gravity.1/4 quarter-turn ball valve.Garden ..

  • How to Maintain your Rain Barrel

    the barrel to prevent leaves and sediment from entering the rain barrel. Remove leaves and other debris from the screen at the top of the barrel, the overflow pipe, and the roof gutters.

  • The 10 Best Rain Barrel Kits in 2021 (Reviews & Research)

     · The 10 Best Rain Barrel Kits 1. FCMP OUTDOOR RC4000-BRN Rain Barrel. Key Features. It has a wide opening and flat back for easy installation. It has an overflow connection that allows you to direct the water away from the foundation of the house.

  • 7 Best Rain Barrel Systems for 2020

     · There are many rain collection barrels with spigots on Amazon, but few can compare to the performance of the Good Ideas SV-ERS Savannah Elevated Garden Rain Saver Barrel. The 50-gallon capacity can store quite a bit of rainwater at a time, and even comes with a planter top for you to keep a little herb/vegetable garden or plant some gorgeous ...

  • Best Rain Barrels In 2021 [Buying Guide] – Gear Hungry

     · The top of the rain barrel features a spoke and wheel pattern that is an added measure for the safety of children and pets, so there is no danger of the pets falling into the deep barrel. There is also a system to manage water overflow; the back of the barrel comes with an overflow connection that enables the extra water to flow down and ...

  • Decorative Rain Barrels You''ll Love 2021, and How to Use

     · Most rain barrels have an overflow valve close to the top where the excess rain can drain out once the barrel is full. However, once there''s heavy rain, excess water will bubble over the barrel''s top instead of out the release valve.

  • Rain Barrel Rain Barrels You''ll Love in 2021 | Wayfair

    RainStation barrels feature a reversible "planter top" lid that can be used to grow annuals or herbs on top of the barrel making it both functional and decorative. The patented flexi fit diverter works with standard 2" x 3" and 3" x 4" downspouts and helps prevent overflows and flooding that plague conventional top-fill rain barrels and can ...

  • Rain Barrel Parts

    Buy rain barrel parts individually to suit your needs. Pre-Made Rain Barrels. Pre-Made Rain Barrels. Featured Products. Sort by. Flexi-Fit Downspout Diverter (2x3") Flexi-Fit Downspout Diverter (2x3") $11.34. Flexi-Fit Rainwater Downspout Diverter (3"x4") Flexi-Fit Rainwater Downspout Diverter (3"x4") ...

  • Rain Barrels at Lowes

    Rain Wizard 50-Gallon Terra Cotta Plastic Rain Barrel with Diverter and Spigot. The Rain Wizard 50 Diverter Kit features a 50 gallon Rain Wizard 50 and a plastic downspout diverter. The flat-back can sit right up against exterior walls for a reduced footprint and features connection points for linking rain barrels together.

  • Ways to Increase Water Pressure in Rain Barrels | Home ...

     · A rain barrel can allow you to harvest your rainwater to water your garden or wash nearby windows or vehicles. A 55-gallon food-grade rain barrel takes a perforated screen top …

  • Rain Barrels – Wisconsin Horticulture

    Typically, rain barrels are placed at the bottom of downspouts in order to collect rain as it runs off of a roof. For every inch of rain that falls on 1,000 square feet of roof, about 600 gallons of water can be collected. Typical features of a rain barrel include a reservoir to store water, a mesh screen, lid or filter to prevent organic ...

  • Rain Barrel Info & Sales

    2. Disconnect your downspout by sawing the downspout above where the top of the rain barrel will be, leaving room for the elbow to be attached. 3. Attach a downspout elbow to the end of your downspout so that water from your downspout is directed into the rain barrel through the screen vent on top. 4.

  • Amazon Best Sellers: Best Rain Barrels

    Rain Barrel Screen: 6 inch Aluminum Installs in Minutes - Keep Mosquitos and Debris Out Of Your Rain Barrel - Rain Barrel Diverter Kit - Rainwater Collection System - Rain Barrels - Rain Barrel Kit 4.5 out of …

  • Amazon : Green Rain Barrel

    The screen at the top of the rain barrel is useful for trapping any food particles that might clog the hose and the big opening is useful for dumping water from buckets without spilling. We have this rain barrel just outside the kitchen door, raised up on concrete blocks to improve drainage. We bought a 100'' heavy duty garden hose and were able ...

  • Top 10 Best Rain Barrels in 2021 Reviews | Buying Guide

     · The rain barrel is fashioned with the best colors that are designed to match all home themes and s'' equipment. On top of that, this rain barrel is designed to store much water with a lot of ease. The rain barrel is also a source of convenience at your home since it comes with the capability for multi-functional use.

  • Rain Barrel Rain Barrels You''ll Love in 2021 | Wayfair

    Our 52 to 60-gallon rain barrels are made of recycled watertight wine barrels that can also be used as a plant stand by simply closing the top of the barrel. At the rain collection area, a screened opening minimizes insect entry into the barrel while filtering debris from incoming water.

  • Installation, Care and Tips

    If the rain barrel must remain outside, either turn it upside down and secure it, or weight it down by storing garden equipment inside the barrel. Then put a heavy plastic bag over the top to prevent animal inhabitation and water accumulation which can freeze, expand, and potentially crack the barrel wall.

  • Amazon : 55 gallon screen top

    Product description. For the true DIY guy, who probably has all the other parts he needs on his workbench somewhere to build a rain barrel, but just needs a handy filter screen to complete the job. Comes with complete instructions and helpful hints, not that a …

  • Best Rain Barrels with reviews You''ll Love | Wayfair

    Weather Resistant Plastic Drainable Dual Overflow Planter Rain Barrel. Great American Rain Barrel. $84.99. 790. Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars. 790 total votes. View Product. Rated 5 out of 5 stars. 05/29/2019. I was looking for a barrel with a removable lid and this one fit that requirement.

  • MI Rain Barrel

    Plastic mesh screen 58 Gallon Used Food Grade Barrel Brass Overflow valve Easy on-and-off twist top lid Brass Spigot (installed) Downspout adapter Sealed with waterproof caulk.There are many uses and reasons to install a rain barrel.

  • Amazon : Home++ Mesh Cover for Rain Barrels : Garden ...

    Rain Barrel Screen: 6 inch Aluminum Installs in Minutes - Keep Mosquitos and Debris Out Of Your Rain Barrel - Rain Barrel Diverter Kit - Rainwater Collection System - Rain Barrels - Rain Barrel Kit ... Top …

  • RTS Home Accents 50 Gal. Rain Barrel with Brass Spigot ...

    For my rain barrel, I don''t have my gutter drain spout emptying through the screen on top. Instead I rigged an adapter kit from my drain spout to the barrel. (see photo) I got this rain barrel and adapter kit from Home Depot several years, but can''t remember the …

  • Rain Catcher 50 Gal. Brown RC 4000 Rain Barrel

    Rain barrels not only save you money but lessen the strain on water resources. The barrels are constructed of recycled, UV inhibited, BPA free polyethylene. 170 l (45 Gal.) capacity Includes debris screen, garden hose, shut-off thumb valve, hanging hose clip, overflow hose, and linking kit for connecting other RC4000 rain barrels.

  • Rain Barrel Screens – Good Ideas Inc

    Use the table below to determine which screen is right for your rain barrel Large Screen 8in x 6.75in Medium Screen 4.88in x 4.88in Rain Wizard 40 - RW40Rain Wizard 50 - RW50Rain Vault - RVT Rain Wizard Rock - RWWR42Rain Wizard Urn - RWURNSavannah Rain …

  • The 7 Best Rain Barrels

     · There are many rain collection barrels with spigots on Amazon, but few can compare to the performance of the Good Ideas SV-ERS Savannah Elevated Garden Rain Saver Barrel. The 50-gallon capacity can store quite a bit of rainwater at a time, and even comes with a planter top for you to keep a little herb/vegetable garden or plant some gorgeous ...

  • Rain Water Inlet

    Aquabarrel 6 inch Double Screened Vent - Rain Water Inlet [abpVL6] - 6" Double Screened Vent - Rain Water Inlet This modified 6 inch soffit vent is the ideal solution for creating your rain water inlet on the top of your rain barrel. Made from sturdy aluminum it can never rust. There are two screens crimped together. The base screen is heavy with large

  • How to Make a DIY Rain Barrel from a Garbage Can

     · Remember, you are not drinking this water, you are using it to water your yard and gardens. This project was created and shared by Eileen from Just Measuring Up. She shares the step-by-step instructions, along with the full list of supplies to turn a regular garbage can into a very functional rain barrel.

  • Amazon : Rain Barrel Debris Filter: Garden & Outdoor

    Price: $44.99. Enhance your purchase. This fits your . Make sure this fits by entering your model number. Sits right on top of ANY rain barrel. Lift out debris tray for easy removal of leaves. Made from the same high quality aluminum as your gutters. 6.5" deep, 6.5" across, 6.5" tall.

  • Rain Harvesting Pty Rainwater Collection Screen, 12 Inch ...

    The Rain Harvesting Tank Screen Cover is specifically designed to fit directly on top of the Rain Harvesting Tank Screen that comes standard with many rain barrels and rainwater collection tanks. Our Price: $22.95 List Price: $26.00. click to see more

  • How to Make a Rain Barrel Cover | DoItYourself

     · Find a window screen that is made out of nylon or metal. This will help keep mosquitoes and other things out of the standing water. Cut the net to the shape of the lid, only make it a little bit bigger than the lid. Then lay the screen on top of the barrel. Fasten the lid to the barrel like normal so that the screen is directly under it.

  • Screen and Ring | Rain Water Solutions Inc.

    MOBY - 65 gallon rain barrel: $10.00 includes postage This high density polyethylene screen ring fits the inlet of both our Moby and Ivy rain barrel. 1 – 7" diameter HDPE screen ring. 4 - stainless steel screws. 2 – replacement 7" diameter screens. 1 – small hangtag ''Non potable rain …

  • The 10 Best Rain Water Barrel in 2020

     · Top 10 Rain Barrels ... while the integrated overflow channel will help in diverting all overflow water to the front of the barrel. The screen will keep out debris and animals, while the two spigot locations mean that you can connect to a bucket or hose with no issues.

  • Rain Barrels You''ll Love in 2021 | Wayfair

    Designed to mimic a traditional wooden barrel, the rain catcher line of rain barrels have many modern features not found in a basic barrel. The large opening and flat back design allow for easy installation and placement of the downspout while the spoke and wheel pattern in the top of the barrel …

  • Rain Barrels and Other Water Conservation Tools | Mass.gov

    Rain barrels are containers used to collect rain water from the roof of a building via the gutter and downspout. The downspout is cut to a height that permits the rain water to flow into a barrel placed beneath it. The barrel should have a spigot to which a hose may be attached, and an overflow hose to direct rain water away from the foundation ...

  • Top 8 Rain Barrels of 2021 | Video Review

     · 1. EarthMinded Rain Station. Ideally sized for decks and patios, the EarthMinded Rain Station (about $137) is a great choice for smaller spaces. It comes in several attractive algae- and mosquito-resistant designs with an optional planter top, along with everything you need for installation, including a hole saw.

  • DIY Rain Barrel: How to Make a Rain Barrel | HomeServe

     · Making a Rain Barrel at a Glance. Tools & Materials: 55-gallon barrel (or garbage can), spigots, flexible drainpipe, window screen mesh, hosepipe, barrel stand Step 1: Decide on location and install barrel stand Step 2: Connect drainpipe Step 3: Install spigots Step 4: Add window screen If you''ve ever received an eye-wateringly expensive water bill, you may be wondering if there''s a way to top ...

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