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  • Evaluation of une Sand and Asphalt Mixes Containing ...

    TABLE 3 CHARACTERISTICS OF CRUSHER WASTE DUST Property Result Apparent Specific Gravity 2. 715 Atterberg Limits: Liquid Limit (%) 22.80 Plastic Limit (%) 17.20 Shrinkage Limit (%) 15.82 Plasticity Index 5.60

  • Soil Stabilization using Crusher Dust

    test, particle size distribution and Atterberg limit tests are conducted and the weakest sample is found among the four samples based on the test results. B. Crusher dust . Crusher dust was taken from Padalur M-sand unit. The properties of the crusher dust are determined by conducting

  • Soil Stabilization using Crusher Dust – IJERT

     · This paper assesses the stabilizing effect of crusher dust on the soil. Crusher dust is added to the soil at varying proportions like 20%, 30% and 40% by the weight of the soil sample throughout. Consequently, specific gravity, particle size distribution and Atterberg limits tests were carried out to classify the soil.

  • Atterberg Limits

    Atterberg Limits Soil Testing, ASTM D4318. Atterberg limits is a basic measure of the critical water content of fine-grained soils. These tests include shrinkage limit, plastic limit, and liquid limit, which are outlined in ASTM D4943. Depending on the water content of a soil, it may appear in four states: solid, semi-solid, plastic and liquid.


    The Atterberg limits represent the water content where the consistence of a fine-grained soil is transformed from a plastic state (plastic limit PL) to a liquid state (liquid limit LL) and from a semi-solid state (shrinkage limit SL) to a plastic state, as well as the water content at which different fine-grained soils have an approximately

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    Keywords: Atterberg limits, CBR, California bearing ratio, cement, compaction, compressive strength, hydrated ... crusher to less than 0.188 in. (4.75 mm) size for testing. In order to stabilize these soils, 3%, 6%, and 9% (by weight) of Type I cement and hydrated lime were used. When Class F

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    Figure 1: Atterberg Limits. Liquid Limit. The Liquid Limit (LL or w LL), also known as the upper plastic limit, is the water content at which the soil changes from the liquid state to a plastic state. It is the minimum moisture content at which a soil flows upon …

  • Liquid Limit

     · The limits at 0.425mm is a range of 10 to 25% passing. The material is classified as non-plastic but the lab did do a liquid limit test and got a value of 27. Question: Does the material pass the specifications (in strict compliance)? The GSB is non-plastic - does it fail due to the "liquid limit…


    were oven-dried and then crushed in a disk crusher to pass a No. 10 sieve (ASTM Des­ ignation D 421-58). Part of the same sample was pulverized to pass the No. 40 sieve for determining the Atterberg limits and the pH. The organic content was found from dry combustion, 450 C for 6 hours (12).

  • Use of quick and hydrated lime in stabilization of ...

    pulverized in a crusher to less than 4.75 mm size for testing (samples for Atterberg limit tests were pulverized to pass through BS No. 200 (425 μm). In order to stabilize the soil, appropriate amount (0, 2.5, 5, 7.5 and 10% by dry weight of soil) of quicklime and hydrated lime was separately added to the soil.

  • 1. Atterberg Limits Documentation of Calculations

    Atterberg Limits Documentation of Calculations 2 1.4 Plasticity Index The plasticity index is the value obtained by subtracting the plastic limit from the liquid limit. If the liquid limit is NV or the plastic limit is NP, the plasticity index is defined to be NP.

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     · Atterberg Limits Crushed weddingfilmart . Atterberg Limits Crusher. atterberg limit on gravel atterberg limit crushed aggregate Atterberg Limits A Quick Reference Guide Swedish scientist Albert Atterberg was the first person to define the limits of soil consistency for the classifiion of finegrained soils Nearly 100 years later his methods are still being used to determine the Liquid Limit ...

  • Atterberg

     · Atterberg limits Test 13. Content no Title page 1 Objective 3 2 Theory 4 3 Equipment 5 4 Procedure 7 5 Data and analysis 9 6 Discussion 11 7 Conclusion 12 8 Reference 13 Recommended. Explore professional development books with Scribd. Scribd - Free 30 day trial. Atterberg limits test ...

  • Batas-Batas Atterberg

     · 1. Tugas ke : Modul ke: 02 Fakultas FTPD Program Studi Teknik Sipil MEKANIKA TANAH 1 BATAS – BATAS CAIR Oleh : Iwan Sutriono, 41112120104. 2. Atterberg Limits (Batas-batas Atterberg) Apabila tanah berbutir halus mengandung mineral lempung, maka tanah tersebut dapat diremas-remas tanpa menimbulkan retakan.

  • Silt/Clay Soils

    Atterberg limits are a set of index tests performed on fine grained silt/clay soils to determine the relative activity of the soils and their relationship to moisture content. The liquid limit, plastic limit, and shrinkage limits define the relative stages of behavior as indicated …


    for the mechanical analysis and for the determination of the Atterberg constants and the linear shrinkage. 2 APPARATUS 2.1 A riffler with 25,0 mm openings. 2.2 The following test sieves, complying with SABS 197, with sieves larger than 4,75 mm of perforated …

  • Atterberg limits

    The Atterberg limits are a basic measure of the critical water contents of a fine-grained soil: its shrinkage limit, plastic limit, and liquid limit.. Depending on its water content, a soil may appear in one of four states: solid, semi-solid, plastic and liquid each state, the consistency and behavior of a soil is different and consequently so are its engineering properties.


    plastic limit, PL, is the average of the two water contents. Plasticity Index, PI The plasticity index is determined by subtracting the plastic limit from the liquid limit. In equation form, PI = LL – PL. 10. DATA AND RECORDS MANAGEMENT Fill out the Atterberg Limits test form (Appendix I) or enter the results calculated on the

  • Atterberg Limits Tests

     · Webcast on laboratory tests to determine Atterberg limits, plastic limit & liquid limit

  • Atterberg Limits Test, What is the Purpose?

    Atterberg Limits Test Procedure: For all the Atterberg limits tests, soil samples consist of material passing a No. 40 (425µm) test sieve and are prepared for each test using wet or dry methods described in the standards. Moisture in Test specimens is adjusted by adding water, mixing with a spatula, and allowing to condition for at least 16 hours.

  • Lab Report-atterberg Limit Test [j0v6z9pkzeqx]

    THEORY In 1911, a Swedish agriculture scientist, A. Atterberg defined the boundaries of states in terms of "limits" as follows. These limits are often called as "Atterberg limits". Liquid limit is the boundary between liquid and plastic state. Plastic limit is the boundary between plastic and semi-solid state. Shrinkage limit is the ...


    DISCUSSION (1) Atterberg limit test The consistency and behavior of a clayey soil is different as are the engineering properties at varying degrees of moisture content. Thus, the boundary between each state can be defined based on a change in the clay''s behavior. Swedish scientist Albert Atterberg was the first person to define the limits of soil consistency for the classification of fine ...

  • Soil Sample Preparation, Soil Grinders, Soil Mixers

    Soil grinders are used to prepare samples for evaluation of grain sizes, Atterberg Limits and other tests. Soil mixers are designed to mechanically mix the sample with an in situ binder. The process breaks up the soil, injects a binder at low pressure and mixes the binder with the soil. Humboldt offers high-quality equipment and accessories for ...


    The following moisture conditions - liquid limit, plastic limit, along with shrinkage limit are referred to as the "Atterberg Limits", after the originator of the test procedures. Atterberg Limits and Indices. EB 15-025 Page 4 of 16 II. LIQUID LIMIT TEST PROCEDURE 1. SCOPE 1.1 This section describes the laboratory procedure for determining the ...

  • Estimating Atterberg Limits of Fine‐Grained Soils by ...

     · The Atterberg limits (shrinkage limit, SL; plastic limit, PL; and liquid limit, LL), also known as the consistency limits of water content, are used to define soil behavior (Atterberg, 1911). Fine-grained soils behave differently with changing moisture conditions and define the Atterberg limits according to the amount of water absorbed.

  • Liquid Limit Test Set

    The Atterberg of Liquid Limit Testing determines the water content at which soil changes from a liquid to a plastic state. A soil sample places into a cup of the liquid limit machine and separates into two halves using a grooving tool. The crank on the machine rotates so that the cup holding the sample strikes the base of the test machine.

  • ASTM Grooving Tool & AASHTO Grooving Tool

    Liquid Limit Grooving Tools are used with Atterberg Limits Testing in determining when a soil''s water content is at the point when the soil changes from a liquid to a plastic state. Grooving Tools are used with a Liquid Limit Machine to determine the liquid limits of the fine-grained portion of a soil sample.


    Atterberg limits and grain-size distribution once per 1000 cubic yards of subgrade surface area, at a minimum, and with any change in the major soil type. Page 3 of 8 d. Location method of all tests should be documented for reports. ... crusher and screen may be utilized to pulverize the material to an adequate consistency.

  • Stability Analysis of Retaining Wall using GEO5 in Kuranchery

    6.3 Crusher Dust 558 6.4 Methodology 559 CHAPTER 7. EXPERIMENTAL STUDY 7.1 General 561 7.2 Water content determination –Oven dry method 561 7.3 Specific Gravity 562 7.4 Consistency limits or Atterberg limits 563 7.4.1 Liquid limit 564 7.4.2 Plastic limit 565 7.4.3 Shrinkage limit 566 7.5 Hydrometer test 567

  • aggregate crushing value limits

    Atterberg Limit Laboratory Tests, Block Density Laboratory … Crushing Strength of Aggregates - Aggregate Crushing Value … The Aggregate Crushing Value provides a relative measure of the resistance of an aggregate to crushing under a gradually ...


    Atterberg -0,425 In addition the arithmetic mean arithmetic mean of In the case of calcrete the PI Limits of the PI''s for a lot (min 6 tests) the PI''s for a lot (min shall not exceed 8 shall not exceed 4. 6 tests) shall not (% passing 0.425mm sieve) exceed 4,5. LS LS shall not exc.3%.-0,075 The PI shall not exceed 12.

  • Introduction to roadbase products and testing

    Figure 2: Grading envelope with "upper" and "lower" limits and results in heavier line Roadbase materials are an integral part of road pavement construction. The construction process of a rigid or flexible pavement requires up to three layers of quarried products. Each layer is placed, compacted and overlain by the next layer above. The ...

  • Atterberg Limit Laporan Pratikum Mekanika Tanah I Contoh

    2.5 Atterberg Limit 2.5.1 Maksud dan Tujuan Mengetahui klasifikasi tanah berbutir halus berdasarkan batas cair LL, batas plastis, dan batas susut. 2.5.2 Teori Dasar Pada dasarnya, atterberg limit terdiri dari liquid limit batas cair, plastic limit batas plastis, dan shrinkage limit batas susut.

  • Soil Grinders, Soil Sample Preparation

    Plastic Limit Set. Perform plastic limit tests in accordance with specifications. H-4234 Atterberg Limits (Liquid Limit Testing) Recommended for performing liquid limit test in accordance with ASTM specifications. HM-5030 Load Frame, Master Loader, Elite Series, 11000 lbf (50kN) Designed as a multi-purpose loading system up to 11,000 lbf (50kN).

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    GL GEOTECH INC. is a materials testing company backed by a P.Tech.(Eng) and 22 years of experience. We perform gradation analysis, proctors, Atterberg limits, pile inspections, organic impurities testing, and concrete testing. Testing lab trailers for crusher control (sieve analysis) are available at reasonable rates.

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